Thursday, September 28, 2006

There's no greater love than parents' love

Mommy and daddy left Singapore ady. They are now on their way towards JB, and head back to Ipoh. It's gonna be another long tiring drive for daddy, cuz he never allows mommy to drive on the highway.

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The first day they came, I was worried sick about daddy's endurance. He must be very tired and at one point of time, I felt like a horrible child for making them come this far. I remember I cried on the phone pinning for them to come visit me.. ever since I was appointed as RA I never gotten a chance to go back to see them at all. They came once in July, but I was too homesick all over again due to heavy workload from RA and school and endless projects.

*tears welled up*

Okay, I promise myself that I shouldn't be upset that they left. I should be happy and loved because they came all the way to visit me. Mom even did facial massage for me in the middle of the night last night. They brought me so much fruits, they even bought me prawn crackers (my favourite) and dried meat from City Square when Stanley and I went to pick them up. Mooncakes, pears, oranges, apples, pomelo, Ipoh's famous biscuits heong peng, precious dragonfruits, plums, toiletries, cosmetics, skin cares, vitamins, supplements, bedsheets, pillow, new blanket..

*tears welled up again*

I still remember when I was a teen, I was very rebellious. ALmost every month I will have these "Operasi Memberontak Kerajaan Leong", to menggulingkan Perdana Menteri Mommy and President Daddy. =S I would message my sister and friends to not ring me up on the house line, instead contact me thru my hp. There was once, I even ran away to my grandmother's house and refused to go return home. Only after my persuasion from my cousins, my aunt and grandmother, I headed home. It waa all of the growing up process that I blamed it on.

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Now, I realise, I was a stupid fool. I caused a few more wrinkles on their faces, a lot more worries in their tired and weary mind after a long day of work. I said hurtful things at them, slammed doors, threw things. it was NOT part of growing up. It's called being ungrateful.

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There's this line in Chinese I learnt, that a child will take a lifetime to repay the parents' deeds and will still never repay all.

My parents will probably never come around to reading this. Because they don't read my blog. But all I want to say is, THANK YOU for all that you have done and sacrificed for me. Without you both shaping me, I will never be who I am today. I will never have reached this far, and still be able to reach for my stars. Nothing will ever be greater than parents' love.

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Dee and Mee, I love you. *HUGS*

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A bimbotic request

Okay, I admit I do feel a hell lot of a bimbo in me right now by asking you guys to vote for me. But but! It's fun to join competitions like this.

YES! I'm in it! So plssss vote for me kay? I'll promise you lots of hugs and kisses. The person who votes the most will stand a chance to win an Ipod!

And this.. is my entry picture.

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It's not the best picture I suppose.. But I'm in for the fun and see if I'm lucky enough to win or not. So can yeah?

Pls pls pls pls vote for me. THANK YEW!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

A special dedication.

We were 7, young, playful, innocent. Our friendship started off with you pulling my belt off and my sister coming after you. It was a love-hate relationship at the beginning, at times i love you to bits, at times, i just hated the way you behave. It was not long and then we entered secondary school. Things were rocky at the beginning, our friendship wasn't strong and we had disagreements. Form 4, things got better. Form 5, even better. And when it was time to part, we realised that, we have wasted too much time fighting and getting back at one another. Instead we could have cherished each other's presence more.

I entered form 6, while you did CIMP in Sunway. We were closer than before, late night phone calls, emails catching up with one another whenever you are back or when we have special occasions. Having to gang up with your mother to throw you a birthday surprise party without you knowing, buying you small little things, that reminds me of you. The occasional coffee talks, sleepovers, shopping together.. you being there when I was wheeled into the operation theatre. The first friend I see was you, holding the prettiest flower I've ever received in my whole entire life. You staying over with me at the hospital.. the moment was priceless.

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Times when you were down and hurt, by trashy people, I felt that it was my responsibility to protect my best friend. To see you hurting, breaks my heart. To see you cry, I'll even cry with you. Best friends, that's what they are for. Though apart from one another, though not what the eye could see, but no matter what, the heart is still close to one another.

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I can't help but to feel, that my (our) Claire has grown into a beautiful lady.

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I have been anticipating the moment to call you at 12am this morning, to be one of the early ones to wish you on this special day.

Dear Claire, you never will know how much I deeply missed you here. And how much this friendship means to me. Have a wonderful birthday dear, may you be blessed with so many wonderful things in life and that all your worries and sorrows be zapped away. May you continue to blossom into a beautiful lady, someone whom everyone loves and adores and looked upon to.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

We can do it! We can do it! Gotta help our Cinderelly! Got no time to dilly dally! We got to get a-goin!

*cues the work song by cinderella*

I'm getting busier by the minute. Assignments, tutorials, teamwork analysis, mid term tests, endless project meetings, friendship week meetings, chinese words to memorise, latin cha cha classes, parents coming over.. Wah, like the list never end like that! I was just gonna start doing my teamwork analysis and one pager for my weekly MNO tutorial but decided to blog a bit. Wah, so busy can die lar like that! I don't even have time to breathe!!
*inhales... and ooppss, here comes another assignment*
*forgets to exhale*
Get what I mean?
Chinese level 2000 is killing me wei. All those words.. it's causing a weekly headache everytime I have my "chinese" day, which is Wednesday. Every Wednesday, without fail, I will report at the central library and finish up my tutorial after lecture. And every Wednesday without fail, I will curse at the words I'm learning. Thank goodness Shelley was there to help me out today. And my darling Ipod to keep me in the chinese mood by feeding me with unpronouncable words sung by Jay Chou. *grins* And oh, the never-failing-bazaar held in Central Forum. I tell you, retail therapy really works. I JUST NEED TO SPEND MONEY ON JUNKS. I bought a cute pink sock for my Ipod and a cute rat for kev. It's like washing away the stress, as you pull out that note from the wallet. =D And oh, the MILO truck!!!!]

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see, the cuties hanging on the glass panel in front of us. =D

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oh look.. they have made friends with one another and they are talking about their owners slacking!

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cantik kan? *melts*

I think I'm getting high by the minute. *gives dagger stares at the can of coke* it's the coke I tell you! They are evil! So are coffee, sweets, chocs... and and McD ice cream cone!

I need a drink. I need alco. Not beer. I need heavy alco. I need to numb myself! People drink red bull, I drink shots! =D

Alanna is going for Double O tonight. I miss their free flow. I wanna go alsoooooooo...

*crawls on the floor.. gasp.. pls... get... me.....a..l..c...o....*

p/s: Ruzhi calls it tsunami, Juliana calls it avalanche, Yan calls it Quicksand, I call it the Katrina!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I woke up with puffy and swollen eyes. Memories of yesterday's conversation with my parents still fresh in memory. I was feeling homesick again, all sorts of withdrawal syndromes and I did not know how to handle it. I dialed daddy's number, and waited for him to return my call. Which he did, somewhere 2 hours later, explaning that he and mom was in a meeting earlier.

The phone was then passed to mommy, had small chat with mom asking if they're coming or not. Suddenly mom said, we also wish to see you but please think of behalf mommy and daddy as well. We are getting older and it's not easy to travel so far all the way by public transportation. And if your daddy had to drive, it's not gonna be easy as well.

Immediately, tears welled up in my eyes. Even as I am typing this, I keep wondering when will I be able to pay them back for all the things they had done for me...


The best love song I've ever heard..

Now that at we’re alone
No more hide and seek
You are the highest dream to me
And as you softly sleep
Then I can tell you what it means
Locked in my arms like lovers lie
I will not let you slip away
I sthis the summer of them all
Is this my night of nights
That you came to stay

Here you are, owner of my heart
Just the way that love should be
And there is something I must say to you
If you promise to believe
That it’s you I’m living for
And, I could not love you more

Seasons may come and seasons go
But these are the truest words I know
Face to face, eye to eye
This is the summer of our lives
One love that cannot die

Here you are, owner of my soul
Never let you say goodbye
And there is something I must say to you
We leave the world outside
And you have come to me at last, we start
Open up your heart
Let my deepest love inside
I’m only doing what I have to do
If you promise to believe
That it’s you I’m living for
And, I could not love you

----I could not love you more.. Bee Gees

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Managing, manager, manage, management

I'm about to get ready for my MNO tutorial later, which starts at 2pm. Oh well, today's gonna be another crazy hectic day. Tutorial from 2pm till 3pm, den meeting with the fellow project mates from MNO at 5.30pm, talent night begins at 7.30pm.. (R4&R5 RAs to stand by at 6.30pm) and I haven't even started on my statistic's tutorial questions! *grabs hair*

Anyway, as much as I need to get myself showered and attend tutorial, I can't help but to BLOG. Was reading the readings provided by this module, there's this article that I come across with called the cultural intelligence. Cultural Intelligence, is linked to emotional intelligence but it picks up where emotional intelligence leaves off. According to this article, cultural intelligence is an outsider's seemingly natural ability to interpret someone's unfamiliar and ambiguous gestures the way that person's compatriots would.

It's about how a manager comes about managing his workforce, people from all sorts of cultural background and etc, how to come up with unity whereby everyone looks into one direction, one goal, one ultimate achievement.

I realise, managing is not an easy task to do. It's about managing people, in order to get your work done. People who are capable of thinking, people who are capable of ignoring your orders, people who are capable of rejecting your ideas and choose to not follow them. A manager needs to respect and understand his employees before he can gain back the same amount of respect from his employees. No doubt, to be able to hold a manager position, the person would have came a long way to such achievement. However, there's always room for improvement.

Anyway, I'm stuck. We're gonna meet at 5.30pm later to discuss on what we should do for the CQ video. I can think of nothing. A few random ideas do manage to strike across my mind.. But I have no idea if it's solid or not. Honestly, I don't even know what video was Dan McAllister was talking about! Geez.. But one thing for sure, MNO is interesting. Though I don't quite fancy the lecturer.. Oh well, that's another story.

Now think sue think.. what sort of video can you do regarding cultural intelligence? I can only think of petronas advertisements.. *grabs hair*

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Cupcakes.. gimme!

Been practicing on my Chinese the entire night, these words are giving me a headache. 底低地课渴喝成城。。。。 and a lot more. Altogether 50 words to be tested on tomorrow. My eyes are becoming blurry with all these chinese words. But nevermind, I'm strong therefore I can overcome this! I will not S/U this module!! =P Tomorrow after the quiz I will decide whether I should S/U or not.

Had dinner with CY today, we were catching up with one another on our daily happenings. Poor CY had a long day and I could see the weary and tired her. Imagine the always hungry CY had no appetite for dinner. =S And I was eating like a cow. Had 2 pratas and a drumstick and my stomach was still roaring for food.

My daddy is gonna be receiving his recognition certificate as a complementary health therapist tomorrow! =D I know he already has one, but dunno why he's receiving another one. Maybe having two certs on the wall gives higher impressions to his customers. Haha. Then people will have more trust in him, and allow him to help them with their health. I am so proud of my daddy! Can hear from his tone of voice that he is super proud and excited, he's gonna receive the award in University of Malaya! How cool is that? Even my sis didn't receive her scroll at UM. Hehe. My daddy rocks my socks!

Again, the whole family went on shopping spree at One-U. Ahh, I miss those times. Walking in the new wing of One-U with one arm wrapped around my mom's, the other around my dad's. Then mommy will spend like forever in British India while Daddy and I walk around searching for nice bread to eat (Daddy and I love bakeries.. daddy loves crunchy mexican buns) and I will drag daddy to see all the nice nice accesories. I could hear Leanne babbling away while I was on the phone with mommy. Can imagine Leanne climbing from the front seats to the back seats to the speakers part while talking away in her baby language. *smiles*

And oh! Look what I found! Aren't they pretty? *the girly side of susan popping out*

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And and!!! Mei Yoke darl has something to say too! =D For me! *does happy dance around the messy room*

Now, isn't that a BIG hint already?

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Thank God for Best Friends

All my life, I realise, I've been blessed with beautiful friendships. Friends who vow to be there at all times, proved that they are indeed there at times of need.

And to these darling friends of mine, I hereby toast you aplenty years of friendship. Come the distance, come what may, nothing will shatter this ship of ours.

Here's to each and everyone of you. Thank you. =)

p/s: I thought of doing something sweet to all of you and didn't know how. heh, this one can lar i suppose..


Define teamwork.

As I was writing my one-pager for my second MNO tutorial last Thursday, I was questioning myself, whether do I understand the full term of the word teamwork. We were told to write up reasoned responses in

I work best in teams when..
What I fear most in teams is..

Having to work with numerous teams since school time, how many times have my team failed because there wasn't any agreement reached in the group? Or when the commitment level is not equal among team members? I cannot recall the number of times whereby my team failed.

During tutorial, we were told to bring eggs, newspaper, straws and masking tape as these materials were needed to build a strong fort to catch an egg from free fall from as high as 8 feet above ground. We managed to build a boxing-ring like contraption. We all work our best in it, everyone had their own expertise. Though our egg broke during the first attempt(but this was due to error in aiming), the second attempt was a success. The entire team cheered so loud, as we were the second group that tried. The first group broke their egg though.

At the end of the day, I question my own ability to work in teams. Will taking up chair for Friendship Week push me beyond my limits, or will I fully discover that I a m not suit to work in teams after all?

The first meeting with Brandon and Pavi went well, though the later meeting with the R4 and R5 RAs bunch wasn't really that smooth. Voices were raised, there was tension in the room and my temper was sort of provoked. Can't help it when I have been working all day non stop since noon. JK said something which totally rang my ears. He said that he's a FULL-TIME RA, but part-time student. I totally agree with that line. We are all full-time RAs, part-time students.

But then again, lessons learnt from last night. I shall try to control the temper and be a little bit mellow. Never to raise voice, we are all of the same level, we are all friends. Colleagues. No one higher authority than us, no one should raise voices at all. But then again, when one is stressing, anything could happen.

Oh well, I'm learning all the time these days. There's so much more yet to be learnt!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

the all too familiar feeling

For months, I've been so busy, running here and there and everywhere that I hardly have time for myself. For months, my room was a mess, clothes were everywhere, laundry only done once in a week plua. For months, I hardly talk to the parents, what more the sister. For months, there were lesser and lesser MSN conversation with Kev, what more webcam sessions. For months, grocery shopping was hardly done, what more shopping for clothes. For months, I've been feeling too busy to even feel what i actually feel.

And today, as I sat down in front of the lappy, I am still wondering, how many months more till all the work is burnt away. How many months more for all of the above to repeat after one another.

How many months more to the long distance relationship. How many months more to seeing my parents. How many months more to playing with Leanne. How many months more to bitching and fighting with the sister. How many months more to spending quality time with the best friends. How many months more till I can bring flowers to my grandma's resting sanctuary. How many months more till I could taste that homecooked food, the scene of koi swimming in the pond, the sight of my rusty Kancil and my dad's sleek Camry. How many months more to seeing my mom's garden grow to a more beautiful haven. How many months more to walking Skippy with Kev. How many months more to speeding on the highway. How many months more to my comfy room and my own private shower. How many months more to seeing my powerpuff poster on the wall. How many months more to hanging out in Jusco even though it's small. How many months more. Just tell me.. HOW MANY MONTHS MORE DO I HAVE TO LIVE MY LIFE IN SINGAPORE?

I thought I was having a blast. Till the mood decided to swing in from a whole new different direction. Maybe I'm just tired. Maybe I am worn out.

Maybe I am human after all. Everyone needs rest. So do I.


This is not helping at all. The fact that kev just left and right now he needs me more than I do, the fact that I had risen up to the challenge of becoming chairperson of Friendship Week 2007, the fact that I have tonnes of reading to catch up with. That mood is not gonna make me last long.

Somebody psycho me please.

Monday, September 04, 2006

And so.. he left.

yeah, he left. =(